Dokan Bach

Founded by Dr. Wael ElMahallawy, Music Technology and Arab Music University Professor

As an Arab Music musician and an educator, it was challenging to find high-quality, accurate music sheets for heritage Arab compositions. Most available music notes were for common compositions, and the majority of the sheets were either unrevised, inaccurate, or difficult to read. As a result, Dr. Wael ElMahallawy decided to score the compositions himself which eventually resulted in a repository of accurate and revised music sheets for some of the most difficult-to-find Arab music pieces. Dokan Bach was established to make these music sheets available to musicians, educators and students interested in Arab Music.

Our vision is to see high-quality scores for Arab Music as common and as widely-available as scores for western music. The word “Dokan” is an Arabic word that translates into “store” or “platform”. And we hope for Dokan Bach to become the go-to platform for premium Arab Music Sheets. As we work on expanding this repository, we ask you to join us on our preservation mission. Browse our repository. If you can’t find what you are looking for, leave us a message and we will make it happen!